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city centre with river and bridge and park from above

Aerial surveying solutions for clients across Gloucester and beyond

Get the best, most accurate view of your site or property with Eye Drone. We can provide exceptional aerial surveying, photography and videography services at competitive prices for various purposes. For more details, give us a call.

Survey your land, property or construction site in detail

Accurate, clear images are essential when surveying a property or piece of land. However, traditional methods are not always effective in capturing these due to restricted access or health and safety concerns, for instance. With aerial surveying, photography and videography, these hindrances can be avoided. Working with clients across Gloucester and beyond, Eye Drone can provide accurate surveying solutions, giving you a better view of the area. Furthermore, our aerial photography solutions are extended to construction sites, helping track the progress of projects and conduct site surveys using our high-end drones. On completion of the required shoots, you will be provided with a memory card where useful data for inspections and maintenance, as well as images, will be stored. Whether it is a one-off property survey or a large commercial project, we help you avoid the cost of traditional surveying methods and can take precise images and videos to highlight potential issues, preventing any nasty surprises down the line.

We can operate on a working site, as we are fully insured and qualified to be onsite. 

Aerial view of countryside

Comprehensive surveying

Whether you need to carry out a property inspection or conduct an aerial roofing survey, you can count on Eye Drone to provide a service of the highest standard. In addition to providing you with a memory card with your files, we can also send images electronically in various formats. All footage and photographs captured can also be edited as per your requirements. For more information about our projects across Gloucester, or to book a detailed site assessment, contact us today.

Aerial view of city

The solution your need for:

  • Aerial property inspections

  • Window surveys

  • Agricultural and crop surveys

  • Construction surveying

  • Aerial roofing surveys

  • Remote high-level inspections

  • Church surveys

  • Solar and wind turbines

  • Historical buildings 

  • Wind turbines 

Aerial view of drone and bridge

Real-time project monitoring

We use only the most innovative, high-resolution equipment to ensure efficiency, accuracy and safety - making your work site safer and maximising the use of space. From one-time image to multiple stills and videos, we can provide effective drone solutions to collect data about your project in a faster and easier way. Furthermore, we're also an ideal solution for aerial footage of large and small events.


Make Eye Drone your preferred choice for roof inspections, site surveys and more. Call, text or WhatsApp us now on:

07729 716222

01452 551569

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